Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

If you have never seen the movie, then you will never guess what the theme of the game is based on. The story is about an enchantress named Glinda who was magical and can turn people’s luck. Ever since that movie came out, people have been trying to get a version of the game online.

Wizard of Oz – fun game

One type of game, you might like is the Wizard of Oz slot machine. This fun game involves a lot of thinking and guessing to do with the yellow brick road that Glinda uses to get from place to place. The objective is to come to an end with the four golden pieces which are placed in certain positions. If you win, then the character that you chose will be rewarded with all sorts of goodies including a prize.

In this game, players make use of the classic movie magic system that makes people think of the good old days when there was no such thing as Internet or slot machines. Players can win prizes as they make use of the different symbols found on the cards. Those with a good memory can remember where they put the symbols and thus, will have a higher chance of winning. The higher your skill, the better your chances are of winning. For those who don’t want to have to remember what they did in the past, there’s always the bonus feature wherein you can choose to not play with a symbol that you previously selected.

Bonus offers

There are many online casinos that feature this popular game in their list of games available. There are also those who offer the same for free. Some of these casinos include the Wizard of Oz slot machines, which offer a bonus when you play.

In this game, players must activate a magnet in front of a virtual Dorothy and use it to spin a wheel. This will result in making use of the five different colored circles, a wild and four white squares that signify the five elements of the earth – air, water, land and grass. These are part of the five wild cards that can be played with. The four squares contain scatter symbols and, when you place a number into the center of any of these squares, you get a number that resembles a wizard’s eye.

Players can play the game for free and just look for the free spins by looking for the wild symbols on the card or the reel. When you find one, you can bet according to the symbol’s position. You can put a bet of one, two, three or four coins. For example, if you find the symbol of a treasure chest on the card, you can bet that a chest will appear on the reel. If a jackpot symbol appears, you have a big chance of winning the big jackpot.

Wizard of Oz bitcoin slots machines reels and symbols

There are also a number of Wizard of Oz bitcoin slots machines that come with their own reels and symbols. These reels have different icons that represent wild and treasure chests, as well as wild symbols that signify when the next jackpot will arrive. Some of them have three symbols while others have five. You just have to choose among the free gifts offered by the Wizard of Oz bitcoin slots machines.

After putting in your time, you might even win a small jackpot. The point is that playing this online game gives you the chance to take an adventure ride through a world where there are funny characters and wild objects all over. For those who enjoy watching television and would like to have the same experience, this is the perfect slot machine that you should try. You can also opt to send free gifts to other players if you are having a good time.